Federal Court Judges Hear Helen Thayer
August 14th, 2013

On July 19th, 2013 Helen presented a program for a team of Washington State's Federal Court System judges and clerks entitled "Overcoming Challenges in Adversity." The presentation took place in Seattle's Federal Office Building Auditorium.

Since the Federal Court System is presently operating under the most severe fiscal restraints in their history, the program directors wanted the dedicated professional attendees to learn more about managing and working effectively in the face of adversity. Helen taylored her message to suit their expectations.

At he end of the presentation the judges rendered their verdict -- a standing ovation.

Offering remarks after the presentation, the Court System spokesperson stated... "Helen Thayer was amazing and very motivational. Staff feedback was incredibly positive. Her presentation nailed the overall theme of our retreat perfectly.

U.S. Federal Court System
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